Pied makes it simple to install and manage text-to-speech Piper voices for use with Speech Dispatcher. Pied installs and configures the Piper neural text-to-speech engine to work with Speech Dispatcher. It can then be used to download and manage different voices.

The video above demonstrates the full usage of Pied, first by installing Piper, and then previewing, downloading and enabling different voices. The Orca Screen Reader is enabled throughout the video, initially with the default speech synthesiser installed on Ubuntu. This then gets replaced by Piper once a voice has been downloaded and enabled.


Version 0.2.1

Get it from the Snap Store
Install Flatpak
Older releases


Pied is open source software, you can find the source code on GitHub


For bug reports and feature requests please use the project's issue tracker

You can also chat to me directly on Mastodon: @mikesheldon@octodon.social